About Us

Introducing Suave Home: Synonymous with Elegance


The Suave Home operations span across USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE & several other countries within the EU. We pride ourselves on our prompt 2-7 day delivery service, facilitated by strategically located local warehouses in each country.

Our eco-friendly approach to creating high-quality furniture, décor, and outdoor products at affordable prices is at the core of our business. The genesis of Suave Home is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional value and design.

The story began on a quiet evening in our new apartment. As my husband and I unpacked and organized our belongings, we discovered a corner that held the potential to become a relaxing sanctuary. While considering the addition of an indoor hammock, my husband introduced me to the increasingly popular hanging egg chair swing, courtesy of Pinterest.

Enthralled by the concept, we conducted research only to find that traditional brick-and-mortar home and garden stores charged exorbitant prices for such a chair. Undeterred by the expense, we asked ourselves, “Surely, there must be a more affordable option available?”

This question propelled us into a market research journey, culminating in the creation of Suave Home. Our inaugural product, the hanging egg chair, was only the beginning. Since then, we have expanded our offerings to include a comprehensive range of home, garden, and DIY products – your one-stop solution for all your needs.

Andreea, Suave Home CEO & Co-Founder


P.S. Our “chill-out” spot came together beautifully, thanks to the hanging egg chair that started it all.